Sedan i måndags har vi förstärkt Acandos intergrationsteam med en riktig kändis från SCN, Bavesh Kantilal. Bavesh tillhör den lilla skara konsulter som har uppnått diamant status inom SCN för sin förmåga att dela med sig till SAPs ecosystem (SCN). Sanjeev Chandrasekaran intervjuade Bavesh om hans tankar om att dela med sig och vart han tror att SAPs integrationslösningarna är på väg.



SanjeevSanjeev.Chandrasekaran: Hello Bhavesh





Bhavesh Kantilal: Hey There Sanjeev!


Sanjeev.Chandrasekaran: Great to have you on-board Bhavesh 🙂

Bhavesh Kantilal: Thanks, its my pleasure!

Sanjeev.Chandrasekaran: We would like to have a short chat to understand the capabilities you bring in to Acando.Please do brief about them 🙂

Bhavesh Kantilal: Well, I thought this would be easy 🙂 I have been working in the SAP ecosystem for 10+ years now across India, Toronto, Paris and Singapore! Most of this experience has been in predominantly a Integration Role using SAP XI / PI / PO but also involves some management experience around Upgrades and Support Lifecycles. I started my career on XI 3.0 when well moving an Interface to Production was like “hoping” the system doesnt crash due to the product unstability and over the time I have seen the Product evolved into what it is today… I have worked on Greenfield Implementations, Rollouts, B2B Set up, Upgrades , Migrations and more recently on building architectural assets on PI!

Sanjeev.Chandrasekaran: We know you  over the years since you were an active member of the SDN PI community , holding different roles as SAP Mentor and moderator has that experience been?

Bavesh Dimond

Bhavesh Kantilal: I am what I am today due to what I did on SDN in the initial years of my career! I have always had a passion towards learning, sharing and teaching with my dream job when I want to retire being going to back to teaching. SDN I guess was a natural platform to get attracted to when I started my career. SDN gave me an opportunity to “learn” and “try” from other people’s problem statements and also share what I had learnt in this journey. Becoming a SDN Mentor and Moderator to me was something that was surprising but yet gratifying! When people recognize you at SAP events when you say your name, it is definitely a high! 🙂 Over the past few years though, I havent been active on SDN, something which I hope i can start doing now that I am back to doing what I really love doing – being a techie at Acando!

Sanjeev.Chandrasekaran: Super 🙂 You hold PI assets to your credit, could you shortly brief about  them ..and their relevance in the acando context

Bhavesh Kantilal: I have worked / built couple of assets which I hope can be leveraged on as I embark on this exciting journey with Acando. One being a PI Analyzer that can capture and create an Inventory of an as-is PI landscape in a matter of hours! This analyzer can enable us to reverse engineer any PI system and understand its complexities in a ziffy!

Another asset that I have always been wanting to build had been a Performance Testing Asset for PI which could enable any customer to perform a Performance Test on a PI landscape by just providing certain parameters as inputs!

Sanjeev.Chandrasekaran: great :-), we really look forward to be able to package these assets as an offer to customers wanting to deploy new PI/PO environments( Pi Perf testing) or upgrade their existing PI environments (PI upgrade analyser).. the prestudy phase should now reduce to a matter of hours than days..

Bhavesh Kantilal: absolutely!

Sanjeev.Chandrasekaran: what are your thoughts on the cloud paradigms of SAP, since you have been involved with HCI, HCP and other cloud solutions with SAP, we are especially keen on HCI ..

BhaveshKantilal: A Hybrid Landscape is the reality of an enterprise today, with multiple niche business applications running on the cloud.. With organizations slicing and dicing their Business Applications and moving to the cloud, Integration has become an extremely critical component.

Bhavesh Kantilal: HCP to me is what SAP Netweaver was way back in the early 2000’s and HCI is what SAP XI is! HCI provides us with an opportunity to move into a space that is extremely exciting and niche! HCI being the future of SAP Integration Investment I personally think it is one space that can provide us with an ability to carve a niche and stand out in a crowded marketplace! In summary, HCI is the future of SAP Integration!

Sanjeev.Chandrasekaran: Super 🙂 and we look forward to your thought leadership in this space.

Jim Snabe thanking the contributers